#227. Adapting to Our Ever-Changing World with Lance Burdett

#227. Adapting to Our Ever-Changing World with Lance Burdett

Lance Burdett is back to talk about how the brain stores information. This week he will be discussing his research on why people feel overwhelmed, have a dry mouth most of the day and are tired after midday with an unusual headache that just won't go away, or poor sleep and mood swings. It's our subconscious doing these things - but what does it mean?

Lance Burdett

Founder & Director at WARN International Ltd.
Communication, Safety, Adaptability (Resiliency)

Following a successful career as a builder, Lance Burdett spent 22 years as a cop, 13 of those as a crisis negotiator where he specialised in suicide intervention. He brings together experience from training in New Zealand, Australia, England, and the USA, operating with the elite units of police, prisons, emergency services, the military, and the FBI. His programmes of applied techniques on supporting personal resilience are grounded in neuroscience and simple to use. Lance has a Diploma in Policing, a Diploma in Business Studies, a Master of Arts majoring in Terrorism, Safety & Security, and is completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

He published the bestselling book – Behind the Tape – and has released his second bestselling book – Dark Side of the Brain. He now provides presentations and workshops on how to overcome the pressure and stress that a modern world brings to our slow-developing brain.

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