#228. Youth and Community Work, Aid Work in Uganda and Police Career With Glenn Compain

#228. Youth and Community Work, Aid Work in Uganda and Police Career With Glenn Compain

Glenn Compain is a former Auckland NZ frontline policeman and current QPS officer - working largely with troubled youth, and he's seen things that would haunt your nightmares. Violent gangs, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, soul-destroying promiscuity, parents unwilling or unable to tackle the mess their kids are making of their young lives.

At 19 he led a team of voluntary aid workers to Uganda, where they worked with orphans and child soldiers during the civil war. In 2004 he co-founded the Village Community Services trust with ex All Black Michael Jones, which continues to deliver mentoring to over 500 young people at risk in schools across Auckland. A compelling and charismatic speaker, Glenn Compain is a powerful new addition to the HarperCollins social and parenting list and follows in the footsteps of Celia Lashlie and Nigel Latta.

Glenn's experience has taught him that every child is at risk at some stage during their formative years; that there are many influences in their lives that their parents can't hope to control. His message is that it is the parents' job to give their children the skills to make good decisions when times are tough. By sharing his own story and experiences from the frontline Glenn gives concerned parents the tools they need to spot the danger signs for their children themselves. While he doesn't claim to have all the answers, his common-sense approach and experience with troubled youth make his insight and ideas valuable tools to empower parents. A book for parents, teachers, and social workers, this streetwise, straight-talking look at today's world will have everyone talking.

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Streetwise Parenting published in 2009

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