Pretty Pink Pitaya Boats

Pretty Pink Pitaya Boats

Author| BSc Clean Team Ambassador - Candy Luk @nourishandflourishsyd

Here's a recipe that's sure to treat your tastebuds this valentines day - pretty pink protein pitaya boats! This week, to celebrate Valentine's day we sat down with the beautiful Candy from @nourishandflourishsyd as she created a beautiful recipe, perfect to share with your loved ones this weekend.

We also chatted about all things food, snacks and treats. Find out how she got into recipe creation, food styling and her must-haves in the pantry. Enjoy!

How did you get into recipe creation? Everything you make is a work of art!

First of all... thanks so much for having me!! It’s my pleasure to chat with you guys here on this platform!!

I started to find my passion for food in my first year of uni when I had more spare time. I started off following and trying different recipes I found online. At that time I would follow the recipes to a T! After I made the recipe I would take photos of them so I wouldn’t “waste my effort”. As I made more and more recipes I thought I would create an Instagram account to save all those images and recipes so I could easily go back to them when I need the recipe. I remember a period when I was obsessed with homemade banana bread and pancakes. I tried out tons of different recipes with different flour and flavours and I would take photos each time I made them! At that time my passion was food in general and didn’t care whether it was a healthy recipe or not.

Fast forward to now I enjoy eating healthy food as well as “not-so-healthy” food. I believe that we shouldn’t be labelling food as “good” or “bad” as all foods are meant to be enjoyed without guilt :)

Nowadays I don’t follow recipes exact anymore. I like to be creative in the kitchen and create my own version of recipes. I love using fresh, wholesome ingredients in my cooking as I think this is the best way to get the maximum nutrients to nourish our bodies ;) My goal on my IG platform is to inspire people to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle by sharing recipes that are nourishing and delicious!

What is your favourite meal to create?

There are so many... depending on how my mood or appetite is like each day. For sweet meal probably protein oatmeal, pancakes or smoothies (I love adding protein to everything for the taste, plus it makes the meal more satiating). Savoury dishes would be as simple as avo toasts and nourish bowl (literally chuck everything I have on hand to a bowl!)

What's your go-to snack?

Clean Bars, dark chocolate and all kind of nuts!!

What are your top 3 ingredients you have to have in your pantry?

@bscclean Clean Vegan Protein Vanilla, grains and legumes (eg. rice, oats and chickpeas!!)

Candy, thank you for your time where can people find you?

Thank you again for chatting with me :)

My main platform is Instagram: @nourishandflourishsyd

Pitaya Boats

Serves 2 Time 15 Minutes


3/4 coconut yoghurt
1 scoop Clean Vegan Vanilla Protein
1 red dragon fruit (fresh/frozen)
Natural food colouring (optional - pitaya powder)


1. Cut the dragon fruit in half and scoop out insides.
2. Blend coconut yoghurt, Clean Vegan Protein and half of the scooped dragon fruit together until smooth.
3. Decorate with remaining dragon fruit, granola, chopped nuts & seeds. Enjoy!

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