Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens

Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens

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The Body Science CORESHORTS represents a revolutionary integration of the latest scientific research and fabric technology to accentuate the functional anatomy of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex that integrates the entire lower back, core and hip musculature to facilitate and optimise athletic performance.

The Body Science CORESHORTS establish a new benchmark in compression garment design, combining customary Body Science targeted and graded compression garment features with an innovative BODYCORENEO2x2 band assimilated into the CORESHORTS to enhance the functional anatomy of the entire core musculature and provide optimal levels of graded compression to augment the dynamic action of the lower limb.

The BODYCORENEO2x2 groin wrap feature of the Body Science CORESHORTS provides additional targeted compression and elastic support to the groin region. This design helps to maintain muscle alignment and setting of intrinsic and extrinsic muscles to establish a stable core, through which forces can be transferred.

Utilising a 2mm Neoprene wrap fitted to the adductors of the leg, the Core Shorts provide a specific level of compression (increased pressure than usual compression shorts) to the groin region. This pressure relieves the pain and stiffness symptoms that often occur with running based athletes with tendon problems, muscle tears and sports hernias. The Neoprene material also assists with muscle heating and still employs the industry leading standard for moisture management

An increase in the development of core stability leads to improved force transference through the trunk, and decreases the load absorbed by the spine, reducing the risk of injury and providing relief of pain and stiffness commonly associated with running based activities. Increased efficiency of the core and effective kinetic chain function allows for:

  • Optimal control of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex and core stability
  • Improved distribution of force throughout the lower limbs, pelvis, sacro-illiac joint and lumbar spine
  • Maintenance of normal musculo-skeletal force couples and length-tension relationships
  • Maintenance of optimal arthrokinematics (joint mechanics) and osteokinematics (structural biomechanics)
  • Optimal efficiency all core, hip and lower limb movements
  • Proximal stability for movement of the upper and lower extremities
  • Increased impact absorption and distribution of ground reaction forces during ambulatory movement
  • Improved dynamic joint stabilisation
  • Reduced compressive transitory force shear in kinetic chain movements resulting in a decrement in force development during dynamic movement

Additional features of the Body Science CORESHORTS include a reduction in muscle oscillation, improved proprioceptive feedback and an advanced fabric moisture management system. Decreased muscle oscillation (vibration) leads to a reduction in neuromuscular fatigue and exercise induced muscle damage, thereby improving performance and reducing post-exercise recovery time.

Further contribution to reduced soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) injury is associated with augmented proprioception that is characteristic of the Body Science CORESHORTS, while the advanced sweat wicking technology of the CORESHORTS transports moisture away from the skin to keep athletes dry in any climate.

The underlying goal of each product in the Body Science compression range is to provide the benchmark in garment design, technology and innovation for improving athletic performance and optimising recovery.

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Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens

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